We want to contribute to the cultural growth of our island, and to do so, we are always open to dialogue with institutions, individuals, or groups interested in our same goals. In the past, we have participated in festivals, fairs, conventions, and workshops. We offer our experience at the service of game and video game creators in any circumstance.

In 2022 we were at the “Pitticcu” small publishing festival in Oristano with a collection of prototypes created in Sardinia and in-depth talks on video gaming.

We were guests of Aurora Coworking in Iglesias to talk about the creative and professional field in the whole region.

We also collaborated with the Tamalac√† association to launch the board game “Antropocena,” created to combat food waste and encourage more careful consumption.

In 2023 we participated in GioCoMix, Sardinia’s most important comic and game fair, to support game authors who wanted to showcase the fruits of their work.

If you are interested in collaborating or have an idea to pitch to us, you can contact us at the form here.

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Photo credits: Adriana Perra, Matteo Furcas, Sara Cuccu